Tips To Get Your Home Ready For An Open House

Dated: June 28 2019

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The next logical step is to host an open house—one where prospective buyers can get a feel for the house beyond the pretty photos online. But as with anything, there’s a learning curve. Hosting an open house is no different. Need a rundown of tips for how to master your open house and hopefully have a buyer soon thereafter? Read on for some advice. 

Clean your windows

One surefire way to make your house shine is spiffing up the windows. And no, this doesn’t mean simply spray your windows with Windex and clean with paper towels. The truth is that the method tends to cause lots of streaking, not making the windows look any cleaner. Instead, whip up a cleaner made of water, vinegar and rubbing alcohol and clean the windows with a microfiber cloth. Opt to clean the windows on a dry and cloudy day. If it’s too hot and the sun is blazing, it’ll dry the cleaner before you can wipe it off, thus paving the way for dreaded streaks. 

Shine your cabinets

Due to wear and tear that comes with living in a home, cabinets can collect a ton of gunk. Cleaning them is yet another surefire way to contribute to the overall cleanliness. No matter the surface, whether wood, metal, or vinyl, a cleaning solution of warm soapy water is recommended. Start at the top of the cabinet and work your way down, starting with a clean cloth and finishing with a clean one as well. Dunk into the warm soapy water often and replenish to make sure the water isn’t too dirty and still warm. 

Get rid of clutter (and box up personal items like family photos)

Take the opportunity with an impending open house to start cleaning the house, literally. Moving is on the horizon, so why not start to organize and clear things out? Assemble boxes or plastic containers, whichever you’ll be using to pack, and label them for each room. Put excess items that you don’t use everyday and personal things away. After all, you don’t want an instance of a stranger attending your open house to swipe any of your beloved personal items. When rid of clutter, store them in a room or area that won’t be accessible to those who attend the open house, such as an attic, storage closet or even the garage. 

Light a candle or buy air fresheners

Forget the cheesiness of baking chocolate chip cookies to give the impression of a cozy home. Opt instead for fragrances that make your living space smell fresh and clean. Light candles in the focal spots of the house: the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom. For a special, more natural, touch in the bedrooms, use essential oil diffusers. Some particularly soothing smells are lavender and ylang-ylang. Whichever you go for, be sure to choose scents that aren’t overwhelming as to not irritate prospective buyers who might have allergies or sensitive sinuses. 

Don't neglect the outdoors

With so much focus on showing the indoors of the home, don't forget to put some effort into sprucing up the outdoors as well. Make sure the lawn is cut and manicured, weeds are pulled up and the driveway is swept free of any debris. Touch up any exterior paint and give your front door a fresh coat of a trendy color. The outdoors communicates a lot about the beauty of the home. Take care of it to ensure the best impression is left for potential home-buyers. 

Hire someone 

If even after a deep clean you’re not satisfied with the shape of your home, hire a cleaner to go through and hit all the spots you missed. Sometimes having peace of mind is essential when it comes to something like an open house. Especially since you only get one shot to make a good first impression with potential buyers. 

Using these tips, you’ll have an arsenal at your hand for making your open house a smash and hopefully a sold house soon after. 

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