Spring Cleaning In San Antonio Boost Your Curb Appeal

Dated: February 12 2019

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Spring is coming, and it's an excellent time to think about your home's curb appeal. Most people will never see the inside of your home, but plenty will see what it looks like as they drive or walk by. Whether you have plans to sell or not, you want your home to look fresh and inviting. 

Take a discerning look at your home
Armed with a notebook, a pen, and a camera, stand in front of your home and look at it as if you have never looked at it before. What needs to be cleaned up, replaced or removed? What does your eye immediately go to? Write down everything you see, and take a few pictures, too. When deciding what projects you want to take on, you want to rely on more than your memory. 

Clean first
Spring is not just the best time to declutter inside your home. Consider what is still working in front of your house, and what's not. Throw away any broken items. Clean and donate items that are still working but don't fit your style to a place like Habitat for Humanity's Home Centers. If you have a significant amount of trash to get rid of, consider hiring a local junk removal company like 1-800-GOT-JUNK? San Antonio Metro.

Think beyond the lawn
You can't control the temperature or the rain in San Antonio. When watering restrictions are in place, having a perfectly green lawn may be out of your hands. Instead, think of how to incorporate plants, flowers, and trees into your landscape, and how to clean up what you already have. Prune trees, trim bushes and add mulch. Look for plants that tolerate the south Texas heat, like Mexican petunias, verbena, daisies, and rosemary. Add flower boxes and hanging plants to add some height to the front of your house.

A welcoming entrance
Every bit of your entranceway can be spruced up this spring. Consider replacing or repainting your front door. For a smaller update, think about a new door knocker or doorknob that truly fits in with your home. Coordinate the new hardware with a new set of house numbers. Does the mailbox fit? Whether it's curbside or on the house, take this opportunity to clean it or replace it. Top off your new-look entrance with a fresh doormat. 

Light the way
When you walk up to your house at night, you shouldn't need a flashlight to find your way. Good lighting doesn't just make your home look better, it makes it safer. Think about lining paths with solar-powered stake lights, and adding or replacing sconces or overhead lighting outside your front door.

What's over your head
Most of the items here are smaller and cosmetic, but keeping a close eye on your roof is key to both the look and viability of your home. Replace shingles or tiles that have been damaged by San Antonio weather, and plan for the time when your roof should be replaced.

Trimming, paint, and siding shouldn't be overlooked
Even if it's not time to repaint your house, or add new siding, take a fresh look at your trimming. Can you change the color to add a fresh look? Take advantage of a sunny San Antonio day to give your home a new look with a small change. 

Windows to your home
Start by cleaning the outside of your windows every spring so sunshine can stream into your home with no filter. Adding shutters can give your home more color. 

Take a seat
After all this hard work on your home, you should have a place to enjoy the fruits of your labor. If you have room, add some seating. A porch swing just begs you to linger outside on cool San Antonio evenings with friends and family.

Cleaning up your curb appeal doesn't have to be difficult. Take these tips to heart, and your house will be the showpiece of the neighborhood. Need tips for staging your home to sell in San Antonio? Contact our experts for all your San Antonio real estate needs! 

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