Basics Of Feng Shui In Your Home

Dated: 12/17/2018

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The Basics of Feng Shui in Your Home 

Feng shui is an ancient practice of creating happiness and harmony through urban planning architecture, interior design, and garden design that originated in China almost 6,000 years ago. Even though this tradition has been around for thousands of years, it wasn’t introduced into the United States until the 1980s but has grown in popularity ever since.Feng shui translates to “wind water”, two natural elements that are known to offer good fortune. While feng shui is a multi-faceted practice with many ideas and beliefs, it is best known for its ability to extend good luck to those who practice its rituals. In western culture, feng shui is most commonly expressed in the way we decorate and orient interior and garden spaces. If you are looking to create a calming space with good energy (chi), there are some simple adjustments you can make to your home. Whether you plan to enjoy the benefits of feng shui in your personal residence or wish to use these techniques to appeal to buyers, this ancient practice is sure to add an element of order, good luck, and tranquility to any space.

1. Pay Attention to the Front Door

The front door an overlooked, yet very important, part of the home. This is where chi enters the home, so be sure to welcome it in by hanging a wreath, chime, or other accent with a pop of the color red. Red is known to attract luck and good fortune. If the weather permits, leave the front door open while you are home or hosting an open house. Make sure the home is easy to find by installing lights along the front path and legible house numbers. This will welcome good energy.

2. Declutter

Everyone knows that a home with less clutter is more calming, but did you know that clutter takes up space that should be left open for positive energy? In feng shui, messiness and disorganization in our homes reflect messiness and disorganization in our bodies. This rule also applies to hidden clutter. Keep closets, cabinets, and drawers organized in order to encourage internal serenity.

3. Integrate the Five Elements 

Feng shui centers around the five elements: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. A well-balanced home will incorporate all of these elements and the colors associated with each: black, green, red, yellow or brown, and white. Introduce decor that incorporates these materials and colors to encourage a state of peace and balance.

4. Evaluate the Entrance 

Feng shui focuses heavily on the entrance of the home. In a home with proper feng shui, the entrance does not open with a wall or staircase directly ahead. While it’s not always possible to change a home’s layout, there are things you can do to offset these elements that go against the principles of feng shui. If your home opens with a wall directly ahead, it doesn’t allow a clear path for chi to flow. To offset this, put a mirror on the wall to create a sense of visual space when first enter the door. If the front door opens with a staircase directly ahead, feng shui suggests that the chi goes straight upstairs. Encourage good energy to travel upstairs more slowly by adding elements of interest like rugs and artwork to the foyer and up the stairway. 

5. Embrace Nature

When following the principles of feng shui, it’s important to bring the outdoors in. Decorate with natural materials like wood and wicker. Allow natural light to enter the home by selecting lightweight curtains. Introduce plants and artwork depicting nature scenes that encourage a feeling peace and tranquility.

6. Decorate with Mirrors

Mirrors are an excellent way to promote the flow of good energy throughout the home, but it’s important to pay attention to mirror placement. Mirrors should reflect beautiful things in the home and be used in energizing spaces like the living room or dining room. Avoid using mirrors in the bedroom as this will promote relaxation and good sleep.

 7. Put Function First

Before decorating each room in your house, evaluate the activities that will take place in that space. Feng shui puts heavy emphasis on function, meaning each part of your home, whether it be your car, garage, or living room, should have a defined purpose and be decorated with that purpose in mind. As you begin to fill each space of your home, make sure the pathways are unobstructed and each room is easy to navigate. Avoid buying furniture that is too large and cumbersome. 

8. Focus on Positivity

When following the principles of feng shui, pay close attention to symbolism in your home. Evaluate the way the items in your home make you feel. If there are certain belongings that stir up negative memories or enforce negative patterns in your life, remove them from your environment. Sometimes the key to overcoming challenges is simply being surrounded by positive symbols that promote health and optimism.

Another great way to utilize feng shui is by bringing it into all of your personal spaces. Whether it be your office at work or your car for your morning drive in traffic, it’s best to recognize healthy ways to stay organized. Are you looking for the perfectly harmonized house for sale in San Antonio? Contact me for all of your San Antonio real estate needs.

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