6 Fall Projects To Boost Curb Appeal

Dated: September 1 2018

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Fall is the season that marks great change. The yellow, red, and brown leaves perfectly accentuate a homey, holiday vibe. Once those leaves fall and the trees are bare, there’s a good chance your lawn can look messy and your home can seem dull. That is why it’s important to boost your curb appeal! Not only will you make yourself, and possibly the neighbors happy, but you will potentially increase the value on your home. It’s much easier to sell a home in the spring and summer months when the flowers are blooming, and trees are lush and green. There’s no reason to fret though. Here are some of the best ways to increase your curb appeal this Fall!

Highlight your front door

The front door of your home can draw a lot of attention. Maybe it is time to get a new one! Go and search for the gorgeous door that highlights the exterior features of your home. Once installed, you will be walking in and out of it as much as possible. You will have also increased the desire and attractiveness for potential home buyers. You can expect the new door to run you anywhere from $150 - $1000.

If this is out of budget for you, consider a fresh coat of paint instead! Colorful doors make for a great way to highlight the entrance of a home. Red is a great color for fall and brings warmth to the curb appeal without all the foliage.

Clean your exterior

The shedding of leaves and other plants may have left your yard a mess. The rain and sun during the summer months tends to get dirt along panels and takes away from the paint that used to be gleaming and beautiful. Grab a handy power washer ready and start spraying off the layers of dirt to reveal your gorgeous home again.

If you plan on selling your home anytime soon, you might consider adding a fresh coat of paint to the exterior. This can cost you around $1,400 but can give you a return of $2,600 - making it one of the easiest ways to add value to your home. Make sure to hire a professional to paint your house if you don’t know how. There’s a technique to ensure that the job adds appeal to your home rather than detracts.

Window Enhancements

Dirty and plain windows can really dull a home’s curb appeal. Shutters are a great way to add color and highlight the home’s potential for natural light before even walking inside. With some great accenting colors, you can brighten up your home to make it feel like Spring in October. If you choose you paint your door, try adding shutters that match or coordinate. If shutters don’t add an appealing look, consider replacing the window itself. High quality windows are a great investment in a home and can add value when trying to sell.

Outdoor lighting

Curb appeal shouldn’t only be considered during the day time. Prospective buyers might be driving around at all hours. Outdoor lighting is one of the fastest ways to add a unique ambiance to your house. A home that’s professionally lit up at night is not only attractive to the eye but can also help ensure security. You can also add smart lighting. Smart outdoor lighting will be controllable when you are not at home. With the ability to change the color of some smart bulbs, not only will your house seem bright in the fall and winter month, but you can add a festive look as well!

Clean out your gutters

Do yourself a favor and clean those gutters after the leaves fall. If you think it is too dangerous, seek a professional’s help. No matter, you will be saving yourself from tons of trouble down the road. Your house will also look much better without dead leaves falling or hanging from the roof.

Adding curb appeal in fall doesn’t seem so impossible now. All you have to do is put in a little elbow grease, maybe hire some professionals, and you will be adding value and good looks to your home in no time! While yard work might not seem like the most fun idea, you can certainly award yourself and your family with some fun in San Antonio.

Do you need some professional advice on getting your home ready to sell? Contact our experts today for all your San Antonio real estate needs. Good luck with all of your home projects!

Article written by Abigail Golder

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