5 Tips To Sell Your Property FAST

Dated: 08/14/2018

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Have you ever wondered how to sell your home fast? Continue reading and I will give you a few tips!It is possible to sell a home fast, it comes down to a fewthingstotake care of before your home hits the market!Of course, Ican't guarantee a quick sale, but taking my advicewon't hurt!


Start cleaning! Get rid of clutter both inside and outside the house. Clean the entire house, from top to bottom in every room of the house. Don’t miss a spot or a thing, make sure to wipe down everything including appliances, fixtures, and furniture. It may take you several hours or maybe even a few days but in the end, it’ll all be worth it!


This doesn’t always have to involve hiring a company or buying/renting furniture. In fact, you may have all that you need right in your home! Staging your home simply means decorating in a way that would attract buyers. Don’t leave behind a personal touch, remove most if not all personal items or custom items such as family photos, trophies, awards, plaques, etc. If you are going to change colors make sure to stick with the neutrals. Painting can have as much as a 150% return on investment! However you decide to handle your staging just ensure that you don’t “over-do” it!


Hire a professional photographer to take listing photos. Your phone may have a great camera but using those photos may deter potential buyers from even looking at your home! First impressions are EVERYTHING and studies show that it takes a buyer less than 10 seconds to determine if they want to see a home based off of photos. I’m not saying that professional photos will guarantee an instant offer on your home, but it sure will help!


Find the right price! Staging your home and marketing are important, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to giving the buyer a good deal and at the same time not cutting yourself short! Your Realtor should help you decide on the right price based on current market comparables!


Once it’s all said and done, make sure that you always have a place to go or something to do while a potential Buyer is touring your home. Remember, most buyers are going to be available to view houses after work or on their days off (usually evenings and weekends). There is nothing more uncomfortable than a “helicopter seller”! A buyer will not be able to comfortably decide whether or not a home feels “right” if the seller is hovering over them while touring the home. Give the buyer some space, the buyer should be accompanied by their Realtor anyway. Remove pets, be flexible and open with your time and allow buyers tour your home as often as possible. No one likes feeling pressured, especially when purchasing an investment as large as a house, give buyers to necessary space so that they can get a feel for how special your home really is!

If you need help selling your home, or need help buying one, do not hesitate to contact me!

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