4 Things You Can Do If Your Home Sells Before You Find A New One

Dated: August 2 2021

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Ideally, when you are selling a home you’d want to find a new place to move into. However, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes your home sells before you even finish searching for a new one. Here are some things you can do to help accommodate the situation if this ends up happening to you.

Stay with Friends or Family

Staying with friends or family for a short period of time may be the easiest way to find a place to stay after your home sells. The downside is that you would most likely need to get a storage unit for your furniture but can save on the cost of staying somewhere else.

A House Sitting Gig

Aside from Friends, there are local companies that pair up house sitters with people leaving for an extended period of time. Most of the time this type of deal doesn't cost anything and may even pay to have you stay there.

The Short-Term Rental

Another idea is to rent an apartment month-to-month or on a short-term lease. This option allows you to relax and shop for your next home without worrying about how long it might take.

The Leaseback Agreement

The best option for the home seller in this situation is often a leaseback agreement. This agreement allows you to close the home sale like usual and then become the purchaser's temporary tenant for a period after closing. This is a great option so you won’t have to move your belongings somewhere else temporarily. 

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