The Perfect Picnic And Where To Have It

Dated: November 9 2020

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We are at that point of the year that Texas thinks is fall. It's not cold enough to feel like winter but it's not as hot as the summer was. Which means... It's perfect picnic weather!!

Here are some essentials that I think make a PERFECT picnic:

1. A picnic backpack

A picnic basket or a cooler are also great to have, but picnic backpacks are an all in one invention that makes picnics so much more enjoyable. These backpacks are designed to include almost all your essentials needs for a picnic and run for a minimum of $50. You can this one off Amazon for $52:

Picnic Backpack:

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Image title

2. Make a checklist!!

This is a personal favorite of mine, but create a checklist! You can make your own or download one off the internet - my favorite is:

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3. Wrap all your foods individually to avoid a mess

Make desserts that are separated easily, like cookies or separate them in jars instead of baking everything in one pan and having to cut them out on the spot. 

4. Accommodate for everyone in your group 

If someone in your group has any allergies, or is a vegetarian/vegan - make sure there are food options for them so they can enjoy the picnic too. 

5. Keep it simple!

Picnics are supposed to be fun and relaxing, do not overwhelm yourself by bringing and making the most complex foods. There's nothing wrong with a simple spread. A cheeseboard, sandwiches, cookies, and bottled drinks. 

Now for possibly the most important detail - Location!

When planning a picnic, look up local picnic areas and see what others have to say about that specific spot. 

Here are my favorite spots in San Antonio. 

    - The Pearl 

You can never go wrong with The Pearl. There are so many places you can set up and there's so much to do after you're done with your picnic. 

Image title


    - Brackenridge Park 
Let the picture speak for itself...

Image title

    - Landa Library

This public library has gardens that are perfect for adults to relax and set up for a nice picnic and offers a playground so your children don't get bored either

Image title

    - Denman Park 

This park truly made me feel like I was out of San Antonio and I loved every second of it. Surrounded by other families having fun, proposals, and photoshoots... As long as the weather is nice, you'll run into some sort of event taking place

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Did I miss anything? Send me your tips for a perfect picnic and let me know where your favorite place to have it is. 

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