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Dated: November 4 2020

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I spent my career focused on helping others. It was my passion since starting as an Agency Recruiter over 10 years ago. To later become a Corporate Recruiter for larger Fortune 500 companies. For me it was the reward of helping others. Just seeing the smiles on peoples face when they found that dream job and a simple, "Thank you" meant the world to me. Then the pandemic hit and the world changed.

This past year has been a wild one for us all. People getting sick, others passing away, families losing their homes, unemployment at an all time high, an election year, among multiple other scenarios, and yet the year is still not over yet. When will we catch a break? In January I had surgery to repair multiple hernias, I was laid off due to the pandemic, and then recently I tore my ACL. Yet I still had to keep a smile for my family but more importantly to myself. This year has been an emotional roller coaster. I found myself lost and scared. Back to being an adolescents child sort to say. I mean I spent over 10 years in servicing and helping others and now it was "Me" who needed the help.

One thing to learn about me is I have never quit in my life and this was going to be no different. Rather than sit and feel sorry for myself. I was already running full speed applying to roles and reaching out to my network. In return many people were reaching out to me as they were lending their hands in support. It was not until I spoke with my friend Matt that helped make that shift in my life. Matt asked me one great question, "What kind of work do you really want to do?" By this time in my life my career spoke for myself but I felt it was time for something new.

For the past several years I kept being told by multiple people, "You should be a Realtor.' 'You would  be great at it." Not only from my immediate family, friends, but colleagues in my network too. I decided to speak to several friends who happen to be Realtors themselves to find out the "Good, bad, and ugly" directly from them. Not only did I get the harsh reality but also the number one reason why they became a Realtor. All of them told me the same thing, "I became a Realtor to help others." This resonated home to me and I knew this is my calling.

Fast forward to present day and I could not be happier. It has to be some of the hardest work I have ever done, but at the same time the most rewarding. Every single day I get to speak with individuals, couples, and families to help make their real estate dreams come true. For all those out there wondering or lost. Ask yourself, "What do you really want to do?" Find your passion and follow your dreams. It's time for change!

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Jacob Noll

Jacob is a native of San Antonio, TX, who has a passion for real estate, and is equipped with an expert understanding of market trends, residential real estate, and global marketing reach.....

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