Adventure Is Calling

Dated: 07/31/2020

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Did you know that you don’t have to go out of the state to seek the desired vacay away from home? I have been feeling so cooped up lately with having to stay inside my home due to the virus, and I am almost positive many of you would agree that you have felt that at some point too. It’s not that you don’t love family time but like myself I am sure a lot of you used to go meet up friends for happy hour, go shopping, or go on date night with the spouse, am I right? It’s been a little harder to do these things lately and to be honest, even if we are doing these things it doesn’t feel quite the same as before. That is why I recently looked up “Local Getaways” in the San Antonio area. I was simply craving a spontaneous trip! That is when I found out that there are sooooo many places to go in Texas, many of which I already knew about but just didn’t know all they had to offer. I haven’t set anything up just yet, but I wanted to share some of the awesome places to go as soon as I could with you guys. 

  1. Fredericksburg

If you enjoy wine as much as my wife does then you will definitely love it here. It is the place to be to enjoy beautiful scenery and many many many wineries. Fredicksburg has a truly romantic feel and a place you most likely would take that someone you love. I actually have been to one of the wineries here, Grape Creek Winery, and I really enjoyed myself (which may have been due to the amount of alcohol I filled up on throughout the tour). Why I also really like this option is because a lot of the enjoyment is done outside where you can still practice social distancing.

  1. Port Aransas 

Now this one is personal to me. I actually lived in Port A for some time while in college but it amazes me at how many new fun things they are offering there now. One of the things I thought was really cool is the personal Beach Bonfires. These aren’t just your normal Bonfire, no, they are next level status Bonfires. This company that was up and coming while I was there has really stepped their game up. They will cook you a delicious Shrimp Boil on the beach while you look on and relax with your toes in the sand. They offer comfortable Adirondack Chairs around your own private Bonfire and a beach attendant to make sure everything is perfect. You can even upgrade your event with a Live Musician or add some beach games like Cornhole, Bocce Ball, or Giant Jenga. This one is a no brainer to me!

  1. Austin

As you all may know already, Austin places can be a little weird, but isn’t that why we love it!? One cool place I found just right outside of Austin was something called Wanderin’ Star Farms. I actually saw this place previously on a post done by one of my favorite people to follow @s.a.foodie Go follow her now if you haven’t already (she posts some awesome things that you don’t want to miss). Wanderin’ Star Farms is out in the Texas Hill Country but they like to call their lodging “Boutique Hill Country” which I have to agree 100% with. This place is surrounded by casual and friendly breweries, wineries, distilleries, fooderies, and event venues! So many fun things to do while also having some relation with Hill Country scenery.

That’s all folks! Let me know if you come across any rare find or place that you really enjoy. I am itching go check out fun new things and looking for an adventure!

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Adventure Is Calling

Did you know that you don’t have to go out of the state to seek the desired vacay away from home? I have been feeling so cooped up lately with having to stay inside my home due to the virus, and I

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