How To Design The Perfect Space For Learning At Home

Dated: 05/01/2020

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How to Design the Perfect Space for Learning at Home

For the time being, school is taking place at home. While your children might already be set up with everything they need for the virtual classroom, it’s important to give them their own learning space where they can concentrate and maintain at least some sense of normalcy for the remainder of the school year. Here are a few tips for designing the perfect space for learning at home. 

Set Up for Success
If your children don’t already have their own work area, it’s probably time to do some online shopping for desks. Working at the kitchen table is only a temporary solution and you’ll be thankful when they have a designated space to study during the day. Additionally, a comfortable pair of headphones and reading lamp are essentials that they’ll need when learning online or doing homework in the evenings.

Recreate the Classroom
Try to create a learning environment that they’re accustomed to. In addition to a proper desk and chair, that means having organizers for their pens and pencils, as well as shelves and storage space for textbooks, art supplies and any other items. It’s also a good idea to set them up in an area where there won’t be any distractions like television or video games. Hanging up their artwork or mounting a chalkboard on the wall can help to make it feel more like school.

Include Different Areas
During a typical day at school, kids benefit from a change of scenery and this helps to avoid monotony. If you have the space for it, a cozy reading area with bean bags can help to provide them with some much-needed time away from the desk while still being studious. Similarly, a designated arts and crafts station is another way to mix it up so they don’t go stir-crazy sitting in one spot for the entire day. 

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